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The goal of West County Sprinklers is to minimize exposure risk while servicing or installing irrigation at a residence or commercial property.

All employees are to use proper hygiene etiquette. (Cough, Sneezing, hand hygiene, etc.) WEAR GLOVES AT EACH CALL. Dispose of gloves in a trash bag, and into dumpster.

Wipe down electronics, tools, etc continually

We will be minimizing physical interaction between our technicians/laborers and our customers. We will no longer ask customers to sign for services rendered, instead technicians will verbally confirm with their customers upon completion of service and write in the contact name.

(WCS NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS) Turning on the water – This is the main reason our technicians need to enter a residence or commercial property. You can turn your own water on to the backflow if you know how. Our technician will prep the backflow and then give you the go ahead to go downstairs and slowly turn the valve to supply water to the system. If you are uncomfortable turning the water on yourself, we will still turn the water on. We ask that everyone keep 6ft of distance between themselves while we are inside.

ALL West County Sprinklers employees are to follow the CDC guidelines for transmission risk migration.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Thank you

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